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There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. — George Sand



Well,  hey there!  Were you or someone you know recently engaged?  Well congrats!  The months after getting engaged and figuring out what to do next can be a bit daunting!  I’d say a great start is getting some fun images of you two to celebrate this occasion; images that are fun and really showcase your guys’ individual personalities as well as your love for one another.  These images will not only be cherished forever, they’ll also be very valuable as you move forward in your wedding planning – using the images for “Save the Dates”, printing them out and using them on gift tables and as decorations at your actual wedding, etc…  


Well you’re in luck…

We are currently hosting a Engagement Giveaway Contest right now and everything you need to know is right here!  Please thoroughly look over all of information, details and restrictions found below before entering.  If you do have any questions, comments or require any clarification, please email us by clicking here.


The First Place winner will receive:

  • FREE 2 Hour Engagement Session (location restrictions below)
  • $200 Print Credit towards prints, canvas and other products
  • $500 off a Wedding Photography Package

The Second Place winner will receive:

  • FREE 1 Hour Engagement Session (location restrictions below)
  • $75 print credit towards prints, canvas and other products
  • $200 off a Wedding Photography Package

The Third Place winner will receive:

  • 1 Hour Engagement Session for $149 plus tax (that’s 50% off!) (location restrictions below)
  • $75 Print Credit
  • $100 off a Wedding Photography Package


How to win:

This whole contest will strictly come down to voting.  The process in which to enter and be considered as well as how to encourage people to vote for you can be found below.  This contest will officially kickoff on Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 and will conclude on Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 4:59pm.  The winners will be announced via Facebook as well as the Jon Kaplan Photography blog on Sunday, February 26th, 2017


How to enter the contest:

  1. Send a email to Jon Kaplan Photography with the following information:
    • Your first and last name
    • Your significant other’s first and last name
    • A brief story of how you two met
    • A photo of you two (optional)

How to vote:

  1. Click here and “like” our business page, Jon Kaplan Photography = 2 vote 
  2. Click here and “like” the official contest Facebook post = 1 vote
  3. Click here and “share” the official contest Facebook post = 2 votes 
    ***when sharing this post, the post you’re making must be set to ‘Public’ in order for us to verify otherwise it will not count (ask us if you need help doing this)
    **We will only count 1 share of the official contest Facebook post per day (must be ‘public’)
  4. Friends or Family commenting your name right in the comments section of the official contest Facebook post = 1 Like
    *** Each person only gets 1 vote, so please do not vote more than once and please pass along to your friends and family to only vote once

Right below is a example of the official contest Facebook post which can be found on our business page, this is the specific post you want to “like”, “share” and have your friends/family comment your name for voting.  You can also click right on the sample image below to be taken to the exact post.


Here is a example of the specific post you want to "like", "share" and have people comment your name on on our Facebook business page

*** Contest Details:

(1) Facebook is by no means affiliated with this contest, this contest is solely put on by Jon Kaplan Photography. (2) All engagement sessions are subject to Jon Kaplan Photography’s availability. (3) The winners  may redeem the sessions anywhere between March 1st, 2017 through April 30th, 2018 when Jon Kaplan Photography is available. (4) Contest will be held starting Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 and will end Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 4:59pm, any voting taking place after the end of the contest will not be counted (5) The winners will be announced via Facebook as well as the Jon Kaplan Photography blog on Sunday, February 26th, 2017 (6) Prize has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged, gifted, sold, traded, or put on sale or auction or whatever creative things people can think of these days! The session is for the winner only. If you believe someone could be interested, feel free to let them know about the contest! (7) Engagement Sessions may take place within 20 miles of Snohomish, WA (as the crow flies) (8) To be considered entered for this contest all participants must follow the rules above (9) One entry per household

Bryanna & Ian

To say that Bryanna, Ian and their wedding party were tough would be a understatement.  Just prior to the “first look” it started to snow heavily at Dairyland in Snohomish!  By the time everyone was finished getting ready and we got out for the first look, the snow slowed down and almost stopped; we did get a few shots while the snow was coming down, however.  We all decided it actually would’ve been fun and look awesome if it stayed snowing.  Everyone was so amazing and tough to be out for the photos as it was very, very cold out, but Bryanna and Ian really wanted some lovely outdoor photos in the snow and we got some really fun ones here.  Enjoy!

Venue:  Dairyland  {website}
BBQ:  Hook & Ladder  {website}
Floral:  Geneva Diane Designs  {website}


IMG_9223IMG_9292 IMG_9297 IMG_9195IMG_9280_MG_9245 IMG_9376 IMG_9382 IMG_9323 IMG_9348IMG_9298IMG_9528IMG_9344IMG_9563 IMG_9362 IMG_9573IMG_9379 IMG_9390Untitled 5 IMG_9622IMG_9825 IMG_9789IMG_9431IMG_9714 IMG_9421 IMG_9587 IMG_9639 IMG_9655 IMG_0022IMG_9675 IMG_9811 IMG_9453


"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." — Mattie Stepanek

Wow!  First off, what a beautiful day that we had this year.  This now marks my third year on the tour and also 3 years of gorgeous weather.  The weather really just makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone – the set-up and breaking down of the booths, all of the lovely guests are perky and excited to be out and it makes the photos that much better, of course.

Another year is in the books and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a fun and talented group of vendors that made this all happen.  Everyone did such a great job of taking the theme and group vision and putting their own personality and “touch” into their booths.  I also have to give a special shout out to my lovely girlfriend, Catherine, for helping out and being so supportive and awesome.  Another huge kudos to my friend, Sara, for coming out, too.  Sara, Catherine and I had a great time hanging out with all of you and we can’t wait for next year!  Enjoy the selection of photos below and reach out and say hi if you swung out by our booth!  :)


Venue:  Woodland Meadow Farms
Planner:  Blush Celebrations
Florist:  Mi Fiori
Sweets:  Chill Ice Pops
Bartender:  Bartenders Extraordinaire
DJ:  PJ Parsons Presents
Catering:  Maverick Catering



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Country Engagement Photography Session: Ashley & Andrew

Snohomish, WA based wedding & engagement photography - Country Engagement Session:  Ashley & Andrew Here is a quick little write-up on one of my lovely 2015 couples, Ashley & Andrew (not to mention Daisy Duke + Stroker).  For their engagement pictures, Ashley and Andrew really wanted to incorporate a little country into their images and considering [...]

It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it — Amelia Barr

Engagement Session:  Kaycie & Zach

So I’ll be shooting Kaycie & Zach’s wedding next year and so we decided to get together to meet-up and discuss the wedding a bit and to take some fun engagement pics.  Let me just say, finally meeting up with Kaycie & Zach was fantastic!

Being from East of the mountains, they made a special trip over to catch up with some people and to get their pictures taken… however, the weather was in no mood to cooperate with our plans to take pictures.  We had planned on meeting up at a park in the Redmond area and had some fall back plans if it got really nasty; well?  It got pretty nasty.  When it came to the weather, they were up for whatever!  For them, it was more about having fun and just capturing their love and affection for each other – we used some umbrellas, took cover under trees, laid in the wet grass and really just rolled with the weather and embraced the feel of the Pacific Northwest.  I understand that people prefer good weather for their pictures and, to be honest, I don’t blame them whatsoever.  But Kaycie and Zach’s fun-loving attitude really was a pleasure and created some really awesome images, pictures showcasing their affection and playfulness with each other.  I had a real great time trouncing around in the rain getting wet with these two and loved their embracing of the weather!  Anyways… enjoy!


IMG_4356IMG_4604IMG_4524 IMG_4953IMG_5027 IMG_4872 3paneshot IMG_4675 IMG_4643 IMG_4988 IMG_5011 IMG_4712IMG_4756



Bryan and Megan were a lot of fun to hang out with.  They met each other through their passion in sports while they were away at college and look at them now – super happy and getting pumped for their upcoming January wedding!

I first met Bryan and Megan through a contest that I was hosting through Facebook.  They put in a lot of hard work and won this well-deserved contest for free engagement photography!  Before even meeting them I was really impressed by the efforts that Bryan went through in proposing to Megan.  While out on a hike, Bryan had family and friends stand up on a bridge above the trail and hold out umbrellas that had “Marry Me?” written on them.  Yup!  Count them.  That’s 8 umbrellas.  That’s a pretty cool idea that took a lot of thought and planning, right?

We met up in Kirkland and the weather was iffy at best.  I always offer to reschedule if the weather is bad enough to worry my clients, but they wanted to go ahead anyways and I think it added a cool aspect to the images.  It is the waterfront and it is known to get a little windy down there, but with the rain coming in sideways it made it a little difficult to find a good spot where we weren’t get pelted by wind and rain; but we made do.  Despite the conditions, we got to know each other a bit and had some fun with the shoot.  Bryan played college baseball and so we used the nearby fields and a quick outfit change to incorporate his love for ball into the shoot and I really like the way this engagement session came out!

Enjoy the few samples here:


IMG_6405 IMG_6474 IMG_6517 IMG_6485 IMG_6452 IMG_6578 IMG_6607 IMG_6623 IMG_6749 IMG_6633 IMG_6659 IMG_6819 IMG_6847 IMG_6779 IMG_6854 IMG_6862 IMG_6871

Child Portraits: Silas

Child Portraits: Silas

Here is a small batch of photos from a photo shoot last fall with some good friends of mine and their kidd-o!  I did some family portraits with them earlier in the year, but these photos were more about Silas and his dad.  I felt like maybe the little guy remembered me, he seemed to [...]

Colorado Road Trip:  The Final Leg of the Trip

Colorado Road Trip: The Final Leg of the Trip

So here is the final batch of travel photography photos from the Colorado Road Trip that I went on last summer with my brother, Matt.  Looking back on it now, as it has been several months, has triggered a few feelings: I am ready for Summer and the heat What a fantastic trip it was and how I’d [...]

There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature. — Jane Austen

Engagement Photography: Chris & Sara – “A Wooded Wonderland”

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Chris & Sara for quite a few years now.  I actually first met Sara back in the Summer of 2005.  Some friends and I had orchestrated a large camping trip to Goose Creek, which is located just over the pass off of highway 2 (Lake Wenatchee area), and a friend of ours had invited a group of her high school friends, who I had never met at the time.  Anyways, it was great trip – loads of sun (and sunburns), laughing till it hurt, swimming, drinking (duh!) and plenty more laughter.  It is still a weekend that we look back on and discuss from time to time simply for the amount of funny stories that came from it; many great relationships were built and solidified on that trip.

Fast forward to 2011 and I found myself living in Oahu, Hawaii with Chris and Sara (and a few other good friends).  We had a year to share on the island and, to put it simply, it was perfect.  We all had jobs that we put up with and then hung out and played in the evenings and on our days off; living in paradise with these two gave me a lot of time to spend with them.  I’ve been so lucky to be a part of their relationship through the years.  I may not have been present as it was established and grew while they were up in Bellingham, WA attending college, but whenever they dropped back down to Snohomish, I was there to greet them and share a night (or two) together once again.  Their relationship has been a great thing to witness – the thing that I’ve always noticed is their priority in keeping their own friendship with each other alive and present as well as always making time for each other; it might help that they are about the two silliest people I know.  They’ve made time for fun and have made time for their friends.  While they’re both successful in their careers and in their professional lives, their family and their friends and their relationship with each other have always been their focus and, for that, I say they have built themselves a wonderful life for each other so far.

When I heard that Chris proposed, I was pretty thrilled!  Two of your best buds getting engaged?  Just amazing!  I was also thrilled when they asked me about doing their engagement photography for them.  I, of course, was beyond willing to be a part of their engagement photography!  I know them as good friends and I’m confident in my abilities, I knew that I could capture the personalities that I’ve grown so familiar with over the years and get them the images that they would be happy to look back on for decades.  Chris and Sara both had expressed planning a fun weekend getaway at a family cabin located in Plain, WA, so that’s what we did.  Late on a Friday evening, Chris, Sara, Laura, Finley (Chris & Sara’s dog) and I hopped into a rig and putted over to the cabin.  That night we played games and had a few drinks… such a great night!  The next day we woke up and took our time getting ready for the day, it didn’t feel rushed and was so relaxing and perfect.  To start, we just head up the gravel road to a lookout and did some shots there before we dropped down to the river.  We got some fun shots by the river, some pics with the lovely Finley in them, Piggy Back pics and even a fun shot in town with our good friend Laura (peace!).  All in all?  I think it went well and I had so much fun working with them!  Oh!  Almost forgot!  Icicle Brewing in downtown Leavenworth is pretty legit for a fun night out with friends.

To Chris & Sara:  I love you guys.  I couldn’t be more excited for you and I’m so jazzed (ya, that’s right… jazzed) to have been a part of the relationship that you two have built for yourselves and I am even more jazzed to continue to watch it grow.  P.S. – Go Hawks!





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Shannon & Karl

Shannon & Karl

While back in their hometown of Washington State, Shannon & Karl took a little time with me for some engagement photos at Saint Edwards State Park, located between Juanita and Kenmore, WA.  Shannon and Karl had first met there and so this location was perfect for their engagement shoot locations as it held a lot of sentimental [...]